Permits & Approvals

All shoreline related work on Lake Martin requires a temporary construction permit from the Alabama Power Shoreline Management Office. You must contact the local Alabama Power Company Shoreline Management Office prior to beginning any construction on or within project lands and/or waters. A written permit must be obtained from Alabama Power Company before any construction begins. Verbal approval is NOT sufficient.

In addition, Alabama Power may require written approval from your subdivision/development for the work to be performed. Please ask your AL Power representative if approvals are required for your property.

For more information on Alabama Power permitting click below or call 256 825 0053

Frequently Asked Questions

The total allowable square footage for structures is 1,510 square feet. (e.g., floating, dock, boathouse, wet slip, etc.) Any walkway to a structure (e.g., pier, boathouse, etc.) that is 6 feet or less in width is not counted in the allowable square footage.

The total allowable length for all structures shall not exceed 62 feet.

Any and all lake front property construction (piers, boathouses, wet slips, personal watercraft flotations, etc.) should be set a minimum of 15 feet from an extension of Permittee’s property line into the lake or at a reasonable distance determined by Alabama Power in its sole discretion.

Includes the construction of (and/or related activity regarding) non-habitable structures, as well as other ground-disturbing activity, on or near the shoreline of the lake, such as and similar to:

  • piers
  • landings
  • boat docks
  • boat ramps
  • decks
  • staircases
  • seawalls
  • boathouses
  • access ramps
  • gazebos
  • dredging
  • sea walls
  • rip rap for bank stabilization
  • re-grading

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