Terms & Conditions

PERMIT – Homeowner is responsible for contacting the AL Power Shoreline Management Office to obtain a   Temporary Construction Permit.              ***Please call 256-825-0053 to request a permit application.

DEPOSITS – All deposits are non-refundable.

ROCK CLAUSE – Additional costs of $500.00 per pole (for 1-4 poles drilled, $350.00 if over four poles are drilled) will be applied if we encounter rock beneath the surface that requires specialized equipment to penetrate and drilling must take place.             ***NOTE*** – The drilling equipment can only drill in up to 20feet of water depth. If over 20 feet, another installation method and/or design change will be required.

POWER CLAUSEHomeowner must provide power for construction and key must be available if we need to turn power on.  If no power is available a charge of $65.00 per day will be assessed for temporary power.

ELECTRICAL CLAUSE – Electrical work not included. Final Electrical wiring of lift controls will need to be completed by an electrician.

ELECTRICAL REMOVAL – Electrical work not included. All electrical wiring must be removed by an electrician prior to construction by LMDC.

GROUND CONTACT LUMBER – All lumber ground contact treatment per industry recommendations for building around freshwater. ***Roof framing is non-treated white lumber.

WOOD CLAUSE – Please note that even treated wood naturally shrinks, contracts, swells, curls and splits.  This is a common effect in treated wood. Lake Martin Dock Company will not warranty any costs associated with these effects including replacement. The decking needs to be stained/sealed ASAP after installation.

UNDERWATER STRUCTURE CLAUSE no x-bracing is included, some movement is common depending on the water depth, pole length, dock dimensions, etc. Additional charges will apply to install X-bracing.

POLE LENGTH – Additional cost may occur if poles exceed 20′ in length, additional $13.00 per foot for wood & $18.00 per foot for steel.   ***POLES OVER 40 FEET IN LENGTH = $20.70 per linear foot

OTHER WORK – No other work other than that listed is included in this quote.

PAYMENT CLAUSE – Final Payment is due within 15 days of dated letter of completion.  Failure to pay within the 15 day time frame will result in an interest charge of 1% per month.  In the event Customer’s account goes into collection status, Customer will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the collection of any and all unpaid balances, including, but not limited to attorney fees, court costs, and costs associated with filing a lien(s)

BUNK CLAUSE – The lift price includes standard 2X8X12 carpeted wood bunks (for V-Hull) or flat pontoon wood bunks (two total, no center bunk). Any other type of bunks or bunk extensions//custom brackets are not included and will be added to final invoice should customer have a special hull warranting these bunk conditions.

BUNK CONFIGURATION CLAUSE – Boat required on site when altering bunk configuration.

CANCELLATION FEE – There will be a $250.00 Cancellation fee for any contracts canceled within one month of the start date.

RE-STOCKING CLAUSE – There will be a restocking fee assessed on all returns authorized over 30 days after the original estimate/invoice date.  For any returns that were ordered & delivered, or on a truck to be delivered.

SMS CLAUSE – you authorize LMDC to send text messages with offers and other information. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase.

EXISTING BOATHOUSE CLAUSE – Existing Boathouse was not constructed by LMDC. LMDC is not responsible for the structural integrity of the existing boathouse once lift is installed.

EZ PORT FLOATING DOCK – All floating dock installations will be thru-bolted to the side band of the floating dock.  In some cases, additional blocking or hardware is required to complete the installation. These additional hardware items will be added to the final bill.

INSURANCE CLAUSE – Lake Martin Dock Company carries workman’s comp and general liability insurance at all times.

LANDSCAPING – No Landscaping is included in this estimate.  Backfill material will be left high in anticipation of material settling after initial placement.  Owner should expect to add top soil once settlement is completed. No new grass, sod or pine straw is included.

LUMBER CLAUSE – PLEASE NOTE: Estimate has been calculated based on the current prices for treated lumber.  The current market for treated lumber is considered to be volatile, and sudden price increases could occur.  Estimate will need to be reevaluated prior to start of construction.  Price increases could occur. To be determined.  Price valid for 7 days.

PWC EXISTING SPUD POLE CLAUSE – EZ Port will be installed on existing spud poles. LMDC is not responsible for the integrity of the existing spud poles once EZ Ports are installed.

ROAD ACCESS – ***Road access required for delivery of materials.  Additional costs will apply if delivery of materials by barge is required.

SCHEDULE CLAUSE – PLEASE NOTE *** As of today our schedule is up to 6 – 8 months out on all work requiring a barge/mobilization of equipment. Jobs are placed into schedule once the signed contract and deposit is received. Alabama Power Permit and HOA/ARC Approvals are required prior to construction by LMDC.

SITE UNSEEN – ***Estimate Provided with Site Unseen.  Additional Charges May Apply.

SPUD POLE KIT CLAUSE – **All Spud Pole Kit installations will be thru-bolted to the side band of the floating dock.  In some cases, additional blocking or hardware is required to complete the installation. These additional hardware items will be added to the final bill.

TITAN STAIR TREAD CLAUSE – Replacement of existing treads with Titan Non-Skid Stair Treads must be completed with the lake level at 484 msl