Choose from many different sizes and shapes to get the exact dock configuration you desire. The patented EZ Dock system makes it a snap to install. Just lay out the sections, bolt couplers in place, and tighten down the bolts.

The beige color makes our docks more attractive, and helps them blend with the natural surroundings — but most importantly, it is cooler to the touch.

EZ Dock’s patented flotation design creates suction and compression to increase stability. When you walk on an EZ Dock, you will immediately notice the difference. It’s not just floating, it’s actually creating stability by using the patented hollow chambers on the underside.

The patented connection couplers allow the sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, while still providing unified firmness. EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb bouyancy, functiionality, and safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.